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Making a Community Commitment

There aren’t enough words to convey the importance of giving back to the Eastbay communities that have allowed the Woodminster Real Estate Company to grow and flourish. When we think about it, even the most simplest acts of kindness — the ones we all think of that are “no big deal” — are actually the lifeblood of our communities. We all can volunteer a little of our time with the goal of strengthening our neighborhoods, bringing diverse groups together, and providing us with more life experiences and personal insights.

Woodminster Real Estate supports the following organizations: Heifer International, The American Red Cross, Beyond Emancipation, Girl Scouts of America, Keep Tahoe Blue, and the Boys and Girls Club of America.

No matter where you grew up, be it in the San Francisco Bay Area or across a deep blue ocean, it is very likely that the people of your community made a positive impact in your early life. That’s why it is important for you to continue the tradition, and to give back to your chosen community, even if it is in supposedly “small” ways.   Would you like to be a community superstar?  Here’s how to help:


Volunteer some time to Community Schools

Teachers are over-worked, under stress, and disheartened about the current educational system –  they desperately need our assistance to help our children succeed. We all know that schools function best when the community is actively engaged, but too many parents believe the problems of education are overwhelming and are someone else’s responsibility to solve. Kids need role models and people who care about their lives and behavior. Whether you read stories to elementary school students, monitor outdoor activities, chaperone field trips, or spend a Saturday beautifying the school grounds, your efforts will be recognized and appreciated. Moreover, you can make an investment that will pay dividends in the future.  


Organize a Yard Sale for Charity

If your talents lie in business, administration, or marketing, consider organizing a yard sale for your community, dedicating the proceeds to a local charity. Almost every household has electronics, furniture, clothes, or equipment that can be donated because they’re no longer in use. These items have value and can be recycled to those who will use them again.  


Visit a Senior Center

Too many nursing homes are turned into dumping grounds for older people whose families are gone or are unavailable, and many residents are desperate for conversation and connections with people outside the center. An hour or two a week can make a huge difference in the attitude and outlook of the residents, and you may learn something about life from those who have already traveled the journey before you.  


Coach a Local Youth Team

The old saying, “Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop,” is especially true for children and teenagers. Playing sports teaches kids teamwork, responsibility, and the joy of being physically fit. Unfortunately, many kids don’t have the opportunity to participate in sports because there aren’t enough coaches or assistants. There are openings in almost every sport in every community for compassionate teachers and volunteer coaches. While some experience is helpful, it’s not always essential for you to be a good youth league coach.  


Fix and Serve Meals

Despite America’s overall prosperity, the homeless, the unemployed, and the poor often go hungry – almost 49 million Americans in 2012, according to the USDA. Volunteers are needed to prepare and serve food through local charities throughout the year. Meals on Wheels, with an army of almost 2.6 million volunteers, serves 2.5 million seniors every day, offering nutritious meals, warm smiles, and a safety check – often the only conduit to the outside world the recipient receives.  


Serve on a Community Board

Charities and community service organizations often compete with other businesses for the community’s attention and support. In many cases, nonprofits are at a distinct disadvantage, lacking the resources to attract, compensate, and retain top-flight executive staff and administrators. If your talents are administrative, or if you have executive or board experience, your knowledge and insights could be welcomed at not-for-profit, community-based organizations.